The most important aspect of Hemispheric Integration™ is… it works.

And that’s what really counts.

While there are many therapies available, and most of them have great results, Success Design International’s processes are the only ones that gets to the core of the issue, reveals what’s really going one, and then permanently heals it. And the time it takes to heal most issues can be exceptionally quick.

Now that’s a bold statement, and some might wonder if it’s really accurate, so let’s ask the people who would really know about the results: our clients.

Here are a few case studies from clients who are willing to share their experiences with the great results they have received from Success Design International and Hemispheric Integration™.


Case Study: Learning How To Learn – ADHD

Case Study: Learning How To Learn – Taking Tests

Case Study: Creating, Maintaining and Enjoying Relationships

Case Study: Releasing a Phobia

Case Study: Growing A Successful Business


For privacy purposes, we have changed or removed a few names here or there, but if you are really curious, you can contact Marilyn directly about how she can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.