Al Sargent Director of Research and Development, Success Design International
Co-Founder of Hemispheric Integration™

As a neuro-psycho emotional researcher, Al began the development of Hemispheric Integration™ in 1996 at the Institute for the Advanced Studies of World Health Course. The focus of the course was studying how our language directs our thinking, which then influences physical and emotional health and healing. His thesis focused on the structure of visualizing abilities and skills and this is when he made the ground-breaking discovery. Al discovered that instead of having one mind’s eye, we actually have two, each having a distinct cognitive perspective of any event or interaction.

This revolutionary awareness is documented in Al’s book The Other Mind’s Eye: The Gateway to the Hidden Treasures of Your Mind. He explains the basic cognitive functions of the hemispheres of the brain as they relate to our ability to be proactive. Al continues to develop tools for accessing the information and integrating the perceptions in each hemisphere in order to resolve internal conflicts and achieve goals. After years of researching the structure of grief, Al has designed a blueprint for a ground-breaking step back to the natural process of grieving, which he details in his second book Moving Through Grief with Grace and Dignity the Way Nature Intended.

Al’s love for bringing more enjoyment and success into a person’s life has carried into Success Design International’s advanced format of training. His passion is guiding people to discover their true essence of being, to know that no matter what the circumstances, peace, confidence and congruency can prevail. Prior to entering the field of intellectual research and personal growth, Al was a golf professional and coach.

Al and Marilyn were an integral part of the educational team that led Moorpark High School in winning numerous CA State Academic Decathlon Championships, then on to achieving the highest scores, and then becoming the National Championship team for five years. The Sargents coached the students in creating states of focus, confidence and determination, comprehension and study skills, and prepared them for the speech and interview competitions.