Have you ever felt empowered by a book, a group, a guru or some other person, place or thing outside of yourself? Certainly. We all have from time to time.

Maybe it was a movie or a song or a nice story read on the internet. And it feels great for awhile, maybe even motivating. And with all of this new empowerment, we feel like we can do whatever we want to do.

Until we don’t.

And why is that? Why does empowerment fall flat after awhile? Why does it just sort of sit there after the luster is gone and the adrenaline wears off?

Because it’s from an outside source.

The prefix ’em’ basically means to put in or on; go on or into; surround or cover with; to furnish with. These are external situations: some thing is being done by someone to someone or some thing. ‘Empower’ is someone giving to someone else the authority or power to do something. The ‘power’ is coming from an outside source. And if that outside source ever goes away, what then?

Now consider this: the prefix ‘re’ basically means an indication of returning to a previous condition or state, restoration; back to. These are a return to a previous state, whether internal or external, but in the case of personal power, ‘Repower’ is certainly internal. So ‘Repower’ is the returning to a previous state of ability to do or act, or restoration of the capability of doing or accomplishing something. And that is exactly what Cognitive-Emotional Re-Alignment with Hemispheric Integration™ and the process of RePower Your Life does.

RePower Your Life helps you return to your previous state of ability, innocence or clarity about any issue you’re dealing with in your life. And from that state, you have the power, as you did before, and will continue to have, where you can control your destiny.

Success Design International believes that each individual has the internal power and resources already within them, and it is their mission to be a catalyst for positive, proactive and permanent change.